Motivation of an Athlete

Motivation of an Athlete

Athletic Motivation in 3 steps

It takes a great deal of motivation to reach athletic excellence. In fact motivation should really be considered the foundation of your training. Without solid motivation, you may find that your workouts and even your diet can become subpar.

This is simply due to the fact that the mind is in a constant state of processing the easiest route. In some ways this is great, as it promotes expediency, however it at times gets in our way, such as when we need to have a complete solid workout and follow a specific diet plan. It is those times that motivation becomes so important. If you believe that you may be lacking in motivation then try to utilize the following steps.

Step One:

Determine what your goals are and be sure to make them specific. Having the goal of becoming faster doesn’t really add up. You need to determine how much faster you want to become and determine in what length of time you want to achieve your goal.

Step Two:

Write down your goal. Writing down your goal will increase your success and help you to remain motivated in achieving your goal. In a sense it makes your goal more concrete and removes your area of failure.

Step Three:

Visualize your goal. By visualizing your goal each day, you’re increasing your motivation. Basically, each time that you visualize your success your motivation is increased with a hunger to make that visualization a reality.

Remember, motivation is key to all of the successes in life including athletic success. If you want to be the best then you actively implement all 3 levels of athletic excellence. That is you need to develop a strong mind that exercises motivation, follow your diet to perfection and train like the champion that you want to become.