Using the Mental Approach to Training

Using the Mental Approach to Training

Become stronger, faster and more confident

Do you work out with one goal in mind? Do you strive during every single training session in an effort to win your next contest or sporting event? If you’re like everyone else you do, yet you never quite make it, not completely anyways. So what are you missing?

Chances are you aren’t facing your training with a mental approach, most people don’t. Regardless of how hard you train or how well you eat, you want reach you optimum performance if your mind isn’t in it. You have to be as strong mentally as you are in the gym or on the track.

The mental approach to training starts before you even begin to train. When you wake up the first image that should go through your mind is you winning and achieving whatever it is that you’re working towards. See yourself placing first ahead of your competition. The first thought that should enter your head is “what are you going to do today that will push you beyond where you were yesterday?”

Using the mental approach will connect you with your body. It’ll fill you with a higher level of confidence than you even knew that you had. Champions are made as much mentally as physically, you have to have both inside of you if you want to become a champion within your sport. If you’d like more information on the mental approach to training then I would suggest picking up a copy of a book that breaks down the mental approach to training, there are numerous books on this subject. If you’re not an avid reader then just start seeing your training and evaluating your training, with time your mind will connect with your body.