Using Nutrient Timing to your Advantage

Using Nutrient Timing to your Advantage

The basics prior to implementation

How much to eat and what to eat has been the center of nutrition for some time. Another important factor in reaching an optimal level of nutrition is when to eat. Knowing what to eat at what time is the heart of nutrient timing.

Nutrient timing can be split into four parts, energy, anabolic, growth and rest. I will be concentrating on each of these phases in the coming weeks. Before I go into each phase, I thought I would just look at why nutrient timing is vital.

By implementing nutrient timing throughout the course of the day your body is consistently being fed the nutrients that are needed at specific times, prior and during training, during recovery, during growth and at final rest. You will literally be giving your body what it needs at the time that it needs it. Feeding your muscles will begin to have new meaning to you as you put the basics of nutrient timing to work.

I tend to compare nutrient timing to training. You perform a specific type of training to get the results you want whether it’s increased endurance, rapid muscle growth or even goal orientated fat loss. This is basically the same with nutrient timing, in that you’ll be eating a specific way and at specific times to reach your specific goals. Once you make this connection and you’ll once you’ve been actively eating with nutrient timing in mind you’ll discover how important your goals are in your diet. More importantly, your body will begin to feel better and work for you instead of against you.

Next week I’ll be going over the energy phase of nutrient timing.