Understanding Your Body Type - The Endomorph - Part 4

Understanding Your Body Type - The Endomorph - Part 4

A few changes will get results

If you seem gain weight easily and struggle for months on end to lose weight then you just might be an endomorph. Don’t worry you can still reach your goals by making a few lifestyle changes. You simply need to understand your body, address your diet needs and step up your fitness routine.

Endomorph Body Type

What exactly is an Endomorph? An endomorph is characterized by a round body, often referred to as a pear shape. Endomorphs tend to have a slower metabolism and therefore struggle when trying to lose weight. Another less commonly known characteristic is a constant tiredness or sleepiness.

Endomorph Diet

Endomorphs should strive to limit fat intake to 20%. Endomorphs should also eat less carbs, with the bulk of carbs coming from healthy natural food, such as fresh fruits and vegetable and whole grains. An endomorphs protein intake should be raised, however keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure that you are eating lean proteins found in fish, chicken and whey protein. You should eat a diet that has protein at each meal, so that you don’t inadvertently get a carb spike. You should also make sure that you are eating healthy fats such as flax oil, olive oil and healthy nuts.

Endomorph Workouts

If you’re an endomorph then you’ll want to concentrate on muscle development while also relying on cardio to burn excess fat. You should develop a routine that has you weight lifting 2 days followed by a day of only cardio, repeat so that you complete 6 workout days. Another thing that can be beneficial is to perform weightlifting circuits so that you have less rest between sets.